The weekend is conceived as an artistic, collective experience, rooted in music, nature and community. Camping is an important part of this, helping you connect with your surroundings and the people around you. The campsite can be found next to the river, on the right hand-side on the far side of the bridge. It opens at 12pm on Friday afternoon and is free for festival-goers. 



There will be ecological toilets and hot showers in the campsite. We ask you not to wash in the river as it will contaminate the water but a dip to cool down during the day is very much encouraged. There will be rubbish containers in the campsite and we will give you bags on arrival for you to pick up your rubbish. We want to leave the place exactly how it was when we arrived and construct a little home throughout the weekend.




Hotel Quinto Cecilio – 80€/night for two people


Hostal El Emigrante – 48€/night for two people


Hostal Paraíso – 40€/night for two people

Hostal Galicia – 42€/night for two people

Hotel Veracruz – 45€/night for two people

Hotel Vegas Altas – 86€/night for two people


Fuente de la Magdalena – 39€/night for two people



Medellín is a small but beautiful village with various bars, restaurants, cash points and a pharmacy. Please don’t forget that people live there and make sure you respect them and the village itself.