SOUND TALES  OF TIMPANI is an investigation of the sonorous, rhythmic and functional possibilities that result from the combination of traditional orchestral instruments with equipment used in electronic music. By taking timpani drums completely out of their context and mixing them with samplers, sequencers and loops, the project brings together two parallel universes that, not so distant after all, reveal themselves as integral to one another and part of the same whole. The result of this union is the recreation of the sonorous possibilities of instruments as we know them today.
The project is formed by Coco G. Diez (kettle drums and orchestral percussion), Perik Raez (drummer, ethnic percussion) and Inaki Marquinez aka DJ Cubo (programmings, samples, effects) and a one-of-a-kind performance.

Sound Tales of Timpani

SOUND TALES OF TIMPANIS es una investigación de las posibilidades sonoras, rítmicas y funcionales que se desprenden de la combinación de instrumentos orquestales tradicionales con la innovación de la música electrónica. Al sacar descontextualizar completamente los timbales de orquesta y mezclarlos con sámplers, secuenciadores y bucles, el proyecto ensambla dos universos paralelos que se revelan como parte uno del otro y parte del mismo conjunto.

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