ITHAKA is conceived as a journey, as much physical as it is sonorous and spiritual. We believe the location plays a key role in stimulating this which is why we scour high and low to find the most unique settings the land has to offer. For ITHAKA SERIES_#1, we trade the bricks and mortar of office blocks and flats for the bricks and mortar of a XIII Roman castle and amphitheatre in Medellín, Badajoz. This breathtaking location has housed a myriad of groups, beginning with the Romans and spanning the visigoths, Arabs, the Christians, and it is so kind to open its doors to us for two glorious days in September. We want to appreciate and revive the narratives of these groups  that are so present in the ruins that remain but also create new ones, giving the space new uses and new life, and the walls more to talk about when we’re gone.

If all this talk of walls and ruins sounds barren and dry for a festival in September in Spain, do not fear. Medellín is not known as the ‘Costa Breva’ for nothing. The luscious waters of the River Guadiana snakes around the city and is a key leisure activity for the local bathers. Do you know what this means? Morning swims to help you brave the day, afternoon dips to cool off from dance floor action and sunset bobbing to just contently bob and turn to your mate and say, isn’t life just great?