ITHAKA Festival is an experimental and dance electronic music festival that will unfold in June 2018 in one of the most magical locations on the Iberian Peninsula: an old, walled city founded by Muslims in the IX Century. This stunning location will provide the stage on which people will come together as one to experience the finest electronic music in mind, body and soul.


The festival has a “zero impact” philosophy, which, in a nutshell means leaving the land how we found it. We aim to do this through using alternative energy, waste separation, optimal water management and optimization of means of transport. We are committed to a sustainable festival model that not only reduces its environmental impact but raises public awareness too.


We believe that humans are humans and music is music, striving for equality and inclusion, on and off the dance floor. We tackle the question of gender amongst our values and specifically fight for the role of women in electronic music.


We want to provide a platform through which to visibilise local talent, bringing together different collectives and associations from the local electronic music scene. The aim is to create an eclectic and collaborative musical experience across different genders, formats and traditions.