SOUND TALES… of Timpani

Researching the acoustic possibilities of orchestra instruments is not a new thing and neither is adding electronic sounds to contemporary classical music. This project wants to take out of context some of the less known (and sometimes considered least versatile) orchestra instruments, like the percussion family, in an effort to bring them closer to a parallel music universe populated by sequencers, loops and programming. By exploiting their acoustic and functional possibilities and reshaping their way of expression, these instruments jump into the world of electronic music production, everyday more relevant and present in our society.

The tools for the creation of electronic music have developed and multiplied in an spectacular way over the last decade. As well as opening new landscapes to experimental music, the tools have also changed the concept of instrument and instrumentalist. This concept expands now to include those people versed in their virtual instruments, control pads and synthesised sounds. To actively participate within this newly adopted role, these once exclusive orchestra instruments abandon their physical and acoustic boundaries to adapt to the electronic way and speak the same language.

“SOUND TALES” Wants to recreate the sonic fantasies of instruments that live tied up to their own idiosyncrasy.

Coco G Diez: timpani and percussion
Periko Raez: drums and percusion
DJ Cubo: mixing and effex


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