June or July

June or July is the solo project of Jose Jünemann. In this adventure, the Chilean drummer and producer, currently based in Barcelona, looks to transmit an old-school vibe by combining early electronic music, German kraut and psychodelic with elements of contemporary electronic. Since 2013, under this project, he has launched a trilogy of volumes, live recordings, reworks, remixes and two EPs.

In his live sets, he explores the avante-garde sounds of the 60s and 70s, with an incredible blend of synths, samples and digital equipment. As not only electronic music artist but drummer too, Jünemann distorts, manipulates and deconstructs sounds from his own drum that he processes through his sampler, generating unique live performance that fuses both analogical and natural sounds of his acoustic instruments, mixed with retro-modernity of the synths. All of this creates an almost psychedelic state or journey that he whips up in front of you very eyes from an impossible forest of wires, buttons and machines.



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