For the last two years, Colombian DJ Gatasanta, aka María Barros, has been happily immersed in music and Barcelona’s Contemporary Art scene (as DJ, musician, co-founder of Shaddock Records and being part of “Trama 34” artist ensemble). She has also been trying her hand at producing, playing in two local projects: with “Inditexts” (with visual artists Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler) and the experimental newborn duo “Amas” (with DJ Ivana Ray Singh/LucyTcherno).

Before moving to the Catalonian capital five years ago, she lived in Paris and it was there that she established herself as a DJ more than 10 years ago in the European underground electro scene linked to the Cybernetic Broadcasting System, now known as Intergalactic FM.
Spinning alone or with Art Vega, her partner and one of Pomelo Records honchos, she has been collaborating with the Viennese techno imprint that will soon reach its 25th anniversary. Together with Vega and Berlin-based, former member of Zero-Inch, Konstantin Sorger, she started Shaddock. Amongst the many names they have published are the likes of Tin Man, AtomTM, Dj Stingray, J.T.C. D’Marc Cantu, Deekay Jones, Isis Kuaygarond & Mathew Jonson aka Mr. & Mrs.Jonson and Kassem Mosse.



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