Possible Others

Possible Others is a Madrid-bound music collective and platform that, since it’s inception in 2016, has been involved in countless events and experiences of a musical calibre. The 16-strong crew is driven by a brotherhood with the local music scene and a continual search for international cultural models, which they combine with their own creativity.

The crew have put on nights in clubs such as Siroco, where they hold residencies, Caracol, Republik and Ballesta Club. They have shown their hands as promoters, with an international roster of artists with names such as Phuong Dan, Phran, Insterstellar Funk and FYI Chris to name a few. Their contribution to Madrid’s music scene isn’t restricted to nightlife but consists of a line of work carried out in daylight hours too, based on promoting active listening experiences in distinct cultural spaces, such as the Elba Benítez Gallery, Matadero Madrid and Arganzuela Crystal Palace, the latter being the latest venue where this month they are hosting the imminent festival, Nodo Invisible. Their impetus and drive can also be found behind independent projects such as ‘El Cuarto de Invitados’ and ‘Storm And Drunk’, and they are currently working on Pagana, a weekly radio show in Radio Relativa whose aim is to give visibility to the local music scene; both its collectives and agents.

A national music festival of our nature wouldn’t be complete without the involvement of this great crew, it’s an honour to have them onboard.




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