Djf aka Acid Future Overdose

With our next artist, we return with another music lover who sounds we began to get familiar with a few years ago as he graced us with his productions spanning under the aliases DJF or Ideograma. As a producer, his sounds cross electro, techno, ambient and Deep House, but this is just one of the many facets of Flavio Tortora, a man who has been involved in electronic music since he arrived to the capital. He has also spent the last few decades tireless selling records, a passion he followed on his own running Recycled Music Store and that he now does conjointly with the previous honcho of Is the place, DJ F-on. The two masterminds have come together to run the store that we all know and love: Palma39.

In Ithaka Series #01_Medellín, he will be enlightening us with an ambient live set under his alias Acid Future Overdose, helping us wipe away the sleep in our eyes and revitalise our danced-out bodies as we brave the day in the waters of the River Guadiana. It’s an honour to have such a maestro involved in the project.él.


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