If you’ve never heard bagpipes mixed with synthesizers or tambourines cut with drum machines, you can be forgiven. This blend of tradition with avant-garde, otherwise known as folktronica, has been pioneered by the likes of Nicolas Cruz, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar and is now arising out of the heart of Galicia, thanks to Alejandro Guillán and his beautiful project, Baiuca.

Baiuca masterfully creates a symbiosis of the Galicia from yesterday and that of tomorrow, winding us through an anthropological and sociopolitical discourse, led by traditional instruments such as flutes, tambourines and bagpipes and landing us in the drum-ledden depths of the house and techno of today. This is a road that many have trodden but not quite pulled off, but believe us when we say you will be hypnotised by the authentic sounds and psychedelic visuals added by the visual artist, Adrian Canoura.

In a world and a country that currently feels so currently cut up with borders and barriers, his music feels at once wholey Galician and wonderfully global. His recent and first album, Solpor (Rosa Estudio, 2018) is making the youth of Galicia connect and identify with their roots in a way they never have and has found itself on the catwalks of Madrid Manso, the Reina Sofia and soon-to-be sounding within the four walls of Medellin Castle.



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