There’s so much to be said that it’s quite overwhelming to know where to start. And that’s just talking about Okkre, the latest project from Uge Pañeda and one of the many faces of the Asturian DJ, composer, producer of girl duo LCC, trained psychologist and above all, fascinating human being.

It seems somewhat sacrilege to introduce her in such rigid terms because it is just these kinds of labels she seeks to break through her music. She doesn’t see the world through categories or binaries but experiences it through colours, feelings, emotions and sounds. Her utopia is people listening to music without having to think of a genre and all of her projects are rich, sensorial tapestries that push the limits of electronic music.

An avid fascination for the natural world drives not only her music but how she experiences the world. Her instagram is a wealth of coo-coos and pitter-patters, as she fanatically films rain-drenched leaves that are a green as vivid as the soundscape she is revelling in. This fieldwork feeds into her ongoing project, “landscape series”, which weaves together recordings from different countries and cultures seemingly disconnected from one another. The sites and sounds of a rich landscape not so far off, her beloved Asturias, has been present in her music ever since her first album, ‘d / evolution’ (2014, LCC), in which she explores the paradoxes between man and environment.

Her latest project, Okkre, is said to represent the coexistence of her different personalities and sensibilities, which as a self-confessed lover of Cameron de la Isla, opera and techno, are refreshingly boundless. The unusual name “Okkre” came into being because it has no gender or sex, and under this alias, Pañeda has developed numerous projects and live sets.

It is a great honour to reveal that Okkre will be single-handedly closing ITHAKA Series_#01 with the second-ever performance of Épica, only ever previously performed in the Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona in collaboration with Sonar 2017. Epica is the soundtrack for a piece crafted in collaboration with the choreographer Aimar Perez Galí which explores the contextualisation of club dynamics and techno music through dance. It is about how bodies communicate without words and the freedom of the dancefloor, and we can promise you, we will not be holding back.





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