Born and bred Vallekas, F-on is one of the most active names on the Madrid scene over the last few years. And by F-on, we are obviously talking about none other than Alfonso Pomeda.

Straight out of Palma39, the record store that he runs alongside DJ F, just one of the many projects that keeps him busy, Pomeda moves, feeds and educates the Madrid electronic music scene. His many years in the game have now rolled into decades, during which he has run nights such as Dancetería, the legendary Morpheus after party and Alpengluhen, his latest record label that is four years in the making.

With our hands on our hearts, we can say he is one of the most important vinyl collectors in this country: one of the many reasons his music selection never disappoints and always takes his sets one step further. In ITHAKA Series_#1, he will be warming up the Saturday-night close with his wisdom, his passion and the undeniable dedication to music he has exhibited at all points in his life. It’s a privilege to have a maestro like him within the castle walls






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