Cosmo Vitelli

Cosmo Vitelli is oft quoted as the man who doesn’t sleep, but this is the price you pay when are as musically zealous as Benjamin Boguet, the Parisian behind the name inspired by a character from John Cassavetes’ Killing Of A Chinese Bookie. DJ, producer, musician and head of the label I’m a Cliché, Cosmo Vitelli is anything but a cliché. Although he would of course say that’s nonsense, we all are.

An important pioneer of the French electronic music scene, Cosmo is often associated with the first wave of French house invasion in the 90s, known as the french touch: the iconic crossover of techno, dark disco and dance rock. He released his first EPin 1998 on the highly influential Solid label, and in the following years he signed numerous EPs, showing his gift as a producer, churning out stellar mixes for names such as Daft Punk, Cassius, Radio Slave or Simian Mobile Disco. After releasing his first album in 2003, Clean, on Virgin/Astralwerks, he set up his own label the year after out of the desire to create his own structure, feeling he wasn’t part of a gang but also not really wanting to be either. Avoiding pledging allegiance to any particular style, the label has featured the likes of Moscoman, Red Axes, Simian Mobile Disco, Azari & III to name just a few.

The label is driven by Cosmo’s need to share music with others and this is also why he says he will always be a DJ. His sets are highly-charged, erratic and unpredictable: a bountiful feast of styles and eras, from obscure electronics sliced with acids cuts, post punk, italo-disco, house and who knows what else. Whether he’s unearthing the great outcasts of dance from the cemetery of unsigned house tracks left back in the 90s or bequeathing you with obscure, synth tracks from lands afar, he will take you on a fast-paced journey of discovery with time for a boogie in there too.




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