Bedouin Sahrawi was born in the Sahrawi refugee camps of Tindouf, Algeria, already with rhythm. Brought up with the desert sounds of his environment, he later moved to Spain, where he was opened up to a whole new world of electronic music. He says as soon as he discovered it, he knew it would be his forever. He believes that music has no limit and can be understood by everyone all over the world, and you can almost hear him reaching out to each and every one of them in his varied, eclectic and sensorial sets. With a rich palette of sounds to draw from his colourful past, Bedouin honours his desert roots by delving deep into Arabic sounds before weaving in threads of transient, bubbly acid.

He says, despite coming from another world, he has been able to appreciate and submerge himself in electronic music due to the serenity and flow it brings him. Maybe it is exactly because he comes from another world, he is able to appreciate and accentuate the finer details in electronic music, having the power of comparison to draw upon. He has a great talent for transporting you to directly to the world from which the songs originates. When you listen to his mixes, you can’t help but feel blown along with the sand across the surface of the desert dunes or like one of the acid bubbles popping in the saturday afternoon haze.

We’re looking forward to seeing where Bedouin takes us in Medellin in September at ITHAKA Series_#01. In the meantime, check him out on:






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