Discoteca is one of the most important electronic music collectives currently making Madrid pulsate with its fresh mix of afro, cosmic, italo, new wave, acid and deep house. The two guys heading up this dream team are Eder Croket and Fer Xplosion, familiar faces to anyone that has walked through the doors of Cafe Berlin, Siroco and Sala Sol, where they hold residencies.

Over the last three years, they have joined forces to whip up many a sweaty Saturday-night dance floor and Sunday-morning (afternoon) headache in the capital, They’re just as likely to be playing warming up for Giorgio Moroder in the Botanical Gardens or dropping tunes from the bakery infamous Plaza Mayor, as they are to be bringing in a stellar sunrise in one of the city’s many skateparks.. Their frenetic, high-charged sets are pure energy and good vibes, and they both play with a genuinity that obliterates any potential barriers that might be cast through DJ booths or clear plastic screens. As they drop records and killer dance moves, it feels like they’re everybody’s mate, and catch them outside for a tinnie on the street and you’ll see they probably are.

We are honoured to be holding a special Discoteca showcase at ITHAKA, with Fer Xplosion bringing special invited artist, Cosmo Vitelli. Have a listen to




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